Original Sheet Music & Arrangements


The Sans Day Carol (fingerstyle) (sheet music & midi file)
A lilting arrangement of this lesser-known carol about the greenwood and cherry trees, arpeggios and parallel movement within the scale underpin the sparse melody in the key of C.
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Away in A Manger (fingerstyle) (sheet music & midi file)
A traditional festive piece for the beginner in fingerstyle, the simple melody augmented by Travis-style picking based around just two chords, C and G.
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Sleep Soond in Da Morning (fingerstyle) (sheet music & midi file)
I first encountered this lovely Shetland reel as played by Jo Morrison on her Three Musics celtic harp cd. It falls nicely under the fingertips for fingerstyle guitar however, and begged for a sparse, lilting version. Updated version Jan 2005
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Meditation (Harp) (sheet music & midi file)
This simple piece was written to partner the article Meditation with Harp. It is suitable for even the earliest beginner, and is designed to allow your fingers and mind to slip away while you play; the slow, measured repetition of simple thirds has an almost hypnotic effect.




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