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"A mead-like drink was brewed (and, of course, consumed) in Wales until very recently. It was called meddeglyn, or in English, metheglin. Surprisingly, although the Welsh for mead is medd, meddeglyn has quite a different origin, coming from meddyg, "healing" + llyn, "liquor". Brewers of modern-day mead know of metheglin as a type of mead with herbs and spices."
Photo of my harp Meddyglyn

Meddyglyn is a Stoneyend Brittany, a 22 string nylon-strung lap harp made of cherry wood and has such a bright and clear tone when played, a loud voice belying her small size. She has levers on all strings and is just a delight to hold in my arms and play. Spending time with Meddyglyn is like communion with the soul or some kind of great spirit, it refreshes and soothes me always.- just her warm wood scent, the chance to feel her rich curves under my fingers and the sweet sound of her strings is a joy.

Over the years her wood has darkened to a richer honeyed hue and her voice grown richer and fuller as is the wont of harps over time.

Click here to enjoy a short video clip of me playing the Welsh folk song, Ar Hyd Y Nos.

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