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The free reed family includes concertinas & accordions
concertina photo Concertina
I never thought I'd get the urge for a squeezebox. They are strange instruments after all, with the pull push bellows and the breathy not-quite-a-harmonica sound, and you don't get to hear them much in mainstream music. I had a trial run with a kids version for a while, and then took the plunge and spent a couple of happy hours in Hobgoblin, Manchester, where Ken demonstrated the various types before letting me loose on them. This is an anglo concertina, with 2 rows C/G, made by Gremlin - pretty much entry level, and the lack of accidentals is annoying at times, but you just have to be more creative. I tend not to spend hours playing it, but a quick session now and then is great fun, and most bouncy folk tunes are perfect fodder. I've spent time recently playing by ear and working out just how many tunes in my general repertoire are playable, and the results have been encouraging, about thirty or so. Having said that, some sound better than others, and I do wonder if J.S Bach spins in his grave when I essay Sheep May Safely Graze on the bellowsbeast!

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