Bard Dance Harp

Harp Makers

Please email me if you know of a harp maker not mentioned here.


United Kingdom

Ardival Harps (Scotland, wire strung)

Peter Brough

Busy Mole Harps

Tim Hampson, Harp Maker

Marcus Music

Clive Morley


Starfish Designs

USA & Canada

Argent Fox Music

Blessley Instruments


Celestial Wind Handmade Harps

Dorman Musical Instruments

Dreamsinger Harps by Muis

Dusty Strings

Harps by East-Wood Products

Fisher Harps

Heartland Harps

David Kortier Harpmaker

Lionwood Harps

Harps of Lorien

Lyon & Healy

Mountain Glen

Roger Muma

Musicmakers Kits

Wm Rees

Sandpiper Instruments

Stanley Harps

Stoney End Harps

Thormahlen Harps

Timothy Harps

Triplett Harps

Witcher (nylon and wire)


Other International

Frank Sievert Harp Workshop (Germany)

Magus Harps (Germany)

Pat Sephton and Bruce Fereday (Australia)

Andrew Thom (Australia)

Denwar Harps (Australia)

Harps of the South (New Zealand)


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