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Meditation With Harp
hosted at Bard Dance

... in our rush to make the most of our time spent playing the harp, practising songs and exercises, concentrating on left hand patterns and rhythm, getting ready for performances etc, it's all too easy to lose track of the quiet magic that was there the first time we brushed daring fingers across expectant strings, cradled this marvellous wooden creation in our arms and began to call forth those inspiring sounds.

This article is aimed at rekindling that first childlike joy, of re-attuning to the basics of the harp - plucking the strings for the thrill of the note alone, not the complex Planxty or shimmering Prelude that has taken hours of practice to perfect... [Read more]

Busy Beginner on A Budget (Guitar)
hosted at Guitar Noise (opens in new window)

My core belief as a musician is that music is for everyone. That means everyone, whatever the age or background, from the teenage girl not wanting to stand out from her trendy friends, right up to the 60 year old man who has always yearned to learn an instrument, but reckons it's too late.

What annoys me most is how much discouragement there is out there for folks wanting to take the plunge and learn to play something. Take the guitar: the most ubiquitous instrument available today, used in everything from heavy metal ballads to classical concertos to songs of revolution. It's a truly versatile instrument, one with a thousand resources available to it by virtue of its popularity... [Read more]